The LOGIQ V5 systems help  enhance diagnostic confidence and efficiency with:

  • Superb image quality
  • Onboard protocol support
  • Automated workflow
  • Upgradable functionality

An affordable approach to advanced ultrasound technology that will grow with your practice.

*LOGIQ V5 includes LOGIQ V3 and LOGIQ V5 Expert

Work with ease



Users with different experience levels will find LOGIQ V5 systems simple and easy to operate.

On-board reference tools – Available on-demand during live scanning


  • Scan Assistant – Automated exam protocols help users reduce keystrokes and produce structured uniform reports
  • Scan Coach – Innovative scan plane reference tool available on demand during live scanning

SonoBiometry – Automatically places calipers to perform key fetal biometry measurements:


  • Bi-Parietal Diameter (BPD)
  • Head Circumference (HC)
  • Abdominal Circumference (AC)
  • Femur Length (FL)

3D Volume Imaging – Helps you acquire detailed fetal images to enhance  clinical confidence and patient satisfaction


Image with Confidence


The advanced technologies of LOGIQ V5 systems help enhance your diagnostic confidence by delivering clear, high-quality images.


Auto Optimization

  • ATO (Auto Tissue Optimization)—Improves contrast resolution for B-Mode images
  • ASO (Auto Spectral Optimization) -- Automatically optimizes the spectrum form

Premium Imaging software – Including Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI), CrossXBeam™, Tissue Harmonics, Coded Harmonics, Pulse Wave and Power Doppler, and LOGIQ View

Multiple Line Acquisition – Provides 4X the frame rate to enhance viewing of moving structures and blood flow

*CrossXBeam is a trademark of General Electric Company


The lightweight LOGIQ V5 system fit easily into tight spaces, making it ideal for clinics and limited scanning areas. 


  • Wide range of probes –Tailored for your clinical needs and preferences
  • Wireless connectivity – Easily connects to PACS and teleradiology units
  • Multiple probe ports – Connect multiple probes at the same time
  • Large color monitor option - Large, high-resolution viewing area
  • I/O ports included – Connect display devices without compromising image quality


With its multi-year warranty and modular, robust design, the systems deliver value and peace of mind.



  • 3-year warranty – Comprehensive service coverage (console and probes) included for low total ownership cost*
  • Wide service coverage – GE direct service team and qualified service providers available across the globe, from urban centers to rural areas*
  • Responsiveness – Fast failure diagnosis and quick repairs get you back to scanning quickly
  • My Trainer – On-board training modules help accelerate user operational confidence

* Check for availability in your region

Clinical Images



Education and Training


The LOGIQ Club is a network of LOGIQ system users, all of whom are dedicated to clinical excellence in radiological ultrasound diagnostics. As a member, you’ll benefit from being part of a dynamic community of professionals, and have the opportunity to share experiences and practices with your fellow clinicians throughout the region.

Membership is free, and all the club benefits are yours, free of charge.

Your personal benefits:

  • Educational offerings (DVDs, club magazine, …)
  • Application Tips & Tricks (video clips & newsletters)
  • Information on LOGIQ products and upgrade offers first
  • Unlimited access to www.logiqclub.net
    • Online tutorials
    • Cases & papers
    • User guides
    • Clinical cases

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